6 Best Nipple Clamps For Breathtaking Stimulation

On the chest of every woman lies these beautiful, luscious breasts that are so captivating, so sexy, it’s hard to keep our eyes off of them. And placed perfectly on every pair of breasts are of course, the nipples. These sensitive, naughty bits that can be pleased and pleasured in every way imaginable, from licks of the tongue to flicks of the fingers.But what’s even better than using your tongue or hands is using a hands-free device that offers incredible stimulation without any work on your part: we’re talking about the best nipple clamps.

Nipple clamps are a must in the bedroom because they give your woman that extra tingling sensation, leaving both your hands completely free for other kinky activities. They also intensify a woman’s overall sensation throughout her entire body, making orgasms that much more easier and her pleasure button turned on high.

Most nipple clamps are completely adjustable: as you’ll notice on this list of the best nipple clamps on the market. This means that if you’re in the mood for something a bit more on the softer side of the scheme, you can do it. But if you want that painful- yet extremely pleasurable- pinch on your love buds, then you can simply slide or screw or twist the clamps for some extra erotic and tight fun.

And for the ladies out there who may have a hard time finding nipple play exciting? My best option to you would be to get a pair of nipple clamps for beginners. You may not be able to feel much with a tongue or hands, but maybe a pair of nipple clamps is exactly what you need to reach new heights of pleasure in your chest region.

So what are the best nipple clamps to buy? The ones with chains? The ones with beads? How about feathers? Well, the ultimate decision will come from you and your partner and what the two of you desire. But to help the decision much, MUCH simpler, we’ve come up with the BEST nipple clamps to suit anyone and everyone’s needs in a flash. Which one will you end up with for your late night activities?


6. Sportsheets Collar with Nipple Clamps

this pair of the best nipple clamps will have you screaming in no timeCalling all BDSM couples: we know your kinky evenings aren’t complete with a collar around your lover’s neck, but what if you’re tired of all the different toys you have to set up just to get to the pleasing? With the Sportcheets Collar with Nipple Clamps device, you’ll be getting to the action quicker with less steps.

The unique thing about the Sportsheets Collar with Nipple Clamps is that the collar is attached to a set of chains that lead down to some erotic, yet totally comfortable nipple clamps. It’s such a sight to see: that sexy lady all collared up and ready to go, her nipples being teased and pleasured like she would never imagine. Fully adjustable clamps makes sure that she can get her thrills on whether she’s in need of something soft and gentle or a bit more tight and naughty.

Seriously, if you’re into the BDSM game and want a quick and naughty way to please your lady lover, this is your best option. Two-in-one devices are always the greatest, aren’t they? And you have to love that sexy leather-like collar; so HOT.

5. Nipple Erector Set

Simply among the best nipple clamps and best nipple toysGetting hot and bothered may be a cinch for some people, but if you have any trouble stimulating your nipples you may find nipple clamps hard to use at first. To make things easier on you and your love bumps, you may want to buy the Nipple Erector Set.

The great thing about this set is that it includes two incredibly handy miniature nipple pumps that can grip and squeeze with ease. Next thing you know you’re living with two incredibly erect and sensitive nipples that are just begging for touch. But if you think that’s the end of this handy set, then you’re dead wrong. Inside you will also find a set of O-rings that slip over your perkies with ease, ensuring you’re left with hard nipples throughout your entire ‘session’ with your partner. This means no longer having to worry about re-erecting those puppies, leaving you with nothing but sexy sensations through your entire body.

This set is also incredibly useful for the gal who doesn’t want TOO much pressure on her nipples; after all, some of us are just naturally extra sensitive, and the thought of two tight clamps on our nips is enough to send us running for the hills. The Nipple Erector Set is gentle, yet gives you enough stimulation to experience some wild thrills you may have never felt before.

For the beginners, or the gals who simply want to try out something new without stepping into tight clamps, this is certainly the set you want to try out. Nipple play is awesome! Give it a try with the Nipple Erector Set.

4. Eves Naughty Nipple Clamps

Simply the best nipple clampsA lot of nipple clamps include chains to give you some extra pull and erotic sensations, but if chains aren’t quite your thing, then let me proudly introduce you to the Eves Naughty Nipple Clamps.

These nipple clamps are designed with the kinky gal in mind- with two nipple clamps that can latch on to your love buds with ease, and with a simple slide you can go from a sexy pull to an erotically intense pinch that’s sure to send waves of thrills up and down your spine. The adjustable sliders are easy to use- which is super important during playtime when you want to kick things up or down a notch without any hassles.

Last but definitely not least, each clamp is designed with a few weighted beads on the ends for some extra stimulation with every bounce or movement; not to mention they’re flashy and fun, a good look for the partner you’re with.

Eves Naughty Nipple Clamps are bound to be a bit. Ease of use: just slide them on your love bites and intensify the pleasure in a matter of seconds. They’re elegant, super kinky, and perfect for any woman out there who desires some extra nipple play in her love life.

3. Feathered Nipple Clamps

looking for the best nipple clamps? You found them!Sure, the metal nipple clamps are fun and everything; who wouldn’t enjoy those babies pinching and tugging on your sensitive buds? But what’s even more fun? Feathers.

Adding some feathers into your love life is not only a funky and freaky thing for the eye, but it also lets you dive into more kinky activities with your lover. Before sliding on the clamps to your hard, throbbing nipples, why not use the feathers for a bit of foreplay? These are one of the best nipple clamps because the feathers can be teased on your lover’s body before being strapped on. Tickle her clit with those naughty feathers and rub them against her nipples to get them hard in an instant. With two luscious and tingly feathers such as these, getting her in the mood and craving naughtier action is as easy as one, two, three.

If you’re craving something a bit more fun in the bedroom and want more use out of your nipple clamps than ‘just’ nipple clamping, then I highly recommend these Feathered Nipple Clamps. They can be used in a variety of ways and the clamps can be altered to suit her deepest, darkest desires. Oh, and they are less than 10 bucks, so why wouldn’t you indulge in these kinky numbers?

2. First Time Fetish Nipple Teasers

One of the best nipple clamps on the marketSo you’re new to the nipple clamping game and don’t know where to start; don’t fret, the First Time Fetish Nipple Teasers are here to save the day.

First Time Fetish Nipple Teasers are designed with a 12 inch chain hanging off the clamps, so you’ll be moaning with every movement. The chain adds some extra stimulation as well as weight so you can get the full effect of pleasure on your nipples with every single step of the way. The clamps are completely covered in rubber so you never have to worry about any discomfort during the action, and the soft grip is perfect for first time nipple clamp users that don’t want to go overboard on their first round.

But these best nipple clamps aren’t just for first time users- despite what they are named. I mean, what happens when you’ve moved passed the initial gentle pull and want something a little bit harder? A little bit kinkier? A little bit more intense? Stepping up your nipple play game to the next level is as easy as removing the rubber tipped clamps for a bit more pinch. That’s right- the next time you’re feeling ultra freaky and dying for some pleasurable plain, just whip off those rubber tips and apply the pleasurable pressure to your love buds and experience an intense, super exotic feeling you’re sure to enjoy.

First time users and experienced nipple players alike will get great use out of these First Time Fetish Nipple Teasers, so go ahead and give them a try!

1. Entice Triple Intimate Clamps (The Best Nipple Clamps)

Another one of the best nipple clamps money can buyWe can all agree by now that nipple clamps are fun; in fact, they are one of THEE best ways to stimulate your nipples while leaving your hands free for some other pleasurable activities. But why do clamps have to stop at the nipples? Why doesn’t that extra sensitive bud below your belly button be left out of all the fun? I’m talking about the clit, ladies- and we all know what happens to a woman when the clit is being stimulated: orgasm city.

But most nipple clamps only give you an incredible, mind-boggling sensation in your love buds up top, right? Well, not with the Entrice Triple Intimate Clamps. This long, luxurious golden chain is completely connected to not only clamp onto your sexy love buds up top, but your naughty, sensitive button down below.

Simply apply the clamps to your nipples when they are nice and firm, and don’t forget to apply the last clamp down below for some wild, erotic fun you’ve never experienced before. These clamps are completely adjustable, letting you go from a gentle, yet exciting tug to some seriously tight and sexy stinging.

With your nipples AND your clit being stimulated simultaneously without any effort on you or your lovers part, you can only imagine what kind of sensational orgasms you’ll be having next. Play around with this handy device and you’ll discover that sex has never been better. Did I mention it’s only 30 bucks? Yeah, well worth the price for the erotic heaven you’ll be living in for the rest of your life.

See? Whether you want some feathers to include into foreplay or you want a three-tipped device to handle all of your sensitive areas at once, these best nipple clamps have you covered. The only question left is: which one will you and your lover be adding into the mix?

Thank you for reading our article on the best nipple clamps!