3 Best Nipple Suckers For Nipple Stimulation

Some women may feel like their nipples don’t get the attention they rightfully deserve during foreplay and intercourse; what’s a gal to do? Nipple clamps are one option, but they can be a bit scary if you’re new to the nipple play game. To ease your way into the exotic and fascinating world of nipple play, your best bet is to try out some nipple suckers. Nipple suckers give you a gentle but very enjoyable experience that’s bound to enhance your sex life with your partner, or even give your solo play some extra pizzazz. But which are the best nipple suckers? We’ve found the top 3 right here to make your purchase and first step simple.

California Exotics Advanced Nipple Suckers

This toy is as exotic as it sounds and one of the best nipple suckers out there If your thought of a fun night with your partner includes some super simple toys, then you should try out these California Exotics Advanced Nipple Suckers. These are probably the easiest to use suckers on the planet, with just a quick squeeze and placement leaving you with instant gratification.

Aside from the ease of use, you can rest assured these nipple suckers work WELL. They’re able to produce pleasure immediately during use, and you can also switch it up and use the sucker on your clit to add even more sensitivity into your regime.

Leave these babies on your nipples through your entire one-on-one session or keep them on throughout intercourse to please your nipples and your entire body throughout, or you can take them off halfway through and enjoy some erect, proud nipples that are just craving for the touch of your partner by finger or tongue.

For just a couple of bucks, what do you have to lose? Try out these nipple suckers here and find out how you can be pleasured in ways you never thought possible before.

AnE Toys The Original #1 BEST Twin Pack

Twin pack= double the fun, for sure in the running as the best nipple suckerWhen you’re stepping inside the world of nipple suckers, you undoubtedly want to buy something that’s easy to use, giving you the action you want straight away. You don’t want to worry about any hassling equipment and especially those annoying pumps; and that’s why AnE Toys The Original #1 BEST Twin Pack is a great way to go.

These handy nipple pumps come with 2 (of course, why would you only want to satisfy a single side?) easy to use suckers that easily twist up or down to ease up or bring more pressure depending on your needs and desires. They are easily placed on the nipple and instantly create a gentle vacuum on your nipples, giving you that gentle pleasure you’re craving on your breasts.

Adding a little extra excitement into your routine isn’t all these handy suckers can do; aside from instant gratification, these pumps will leave your nipples standing hard and firm for awhile even after use, which means if your partner decides to flick, lick, or suck during intercourse, you’ll be extra sensitive- and there’s surely a plus, right?

Last but not least, ladies with inverted nipple- tired of the struggle? Put your inverted nipple days to rest with these nipple suckers. They have the ability to draw out your nipples for some all-new, exciting experiences awaiting around the corner. Game-changer? Absolutely.

Simply wash and let these best nipple suckers air dry and you’ll be living in a nipple-sucking heaven for months, if not years to come. Check them out here!

Twisted Triplets Clit & Nipple Sucker Set (The Best Nipple Suckers)

One of the best nipple suckers out there for sure!Of course adding some stimulation to your nipples in a quick and easy fashion is a must for every girl, but why settle on just adding sensitivity solely to your nipples? There’s some other naughty bits on your beautiful bod that deserves some attention as well, and of course we’re talking about the clit.

As women, we all know how sensitive our clits are naturally; it’s the hot spot that drives us wild, right? Which is why we should always pay some extra attention to this special area and give it some extra spark whenever we can. Not only does this set of 3 come with 2 easy to use suckers to apply to the nipples, but the extra sucker is designed especially for the clit- so you can cover all 3 areas at ONCE.

Imagine, climbing into bed with your partner, and pushing these suckers on the 3 most sensitive areas of your body; sounds like a little slice of heaven between the sheets, doesn’t it? These suckers work to improve sensitivity and give you instant pleasure throughout your whole body from head to  toe, so whether you’re a novice at nipple and clit suckers or a veteran at bedroom toys, you’re destined to received some of the most exotic and pleasurable thrills you ever thought imaginable.

And don’t worry about wasting an hour trying to apply these babies onto your body- they are SO simple you will want to use them every time you hop in bed. All 3 suckers are designed to twist up and down so you can apply more pressure when needed, or if you need a little bit more gentleness, untwist for some gentle, loving action you’re sure to enjoy.

Simplicity is a key factor with this 3 piece set, but what’s really to enjoy about these suckers are the fact that they work- through and through, no games, no gimmicks. Enjoy increased sensitivity from top to bottom when using these best suckers, and notice the enhancement even afterwards. Hard, erect nipples and a swollen clit that’s begging for touch is exactly what you need to intensify all areas of sex, from intense foreplay to incredible, out-of-this-world intercourse. You can’t go wrong with the Twisted Triplets Clit & Nipple Sucker Set, especially for a price around $25. They definitely earn their spot as the best nipple suckers!  It’s a purchase you WON’T regret, check it out here.

Whether you’re new to the game of nipple play or simply want to add a little spice to your relationship, you can rest assured your eyes will be rolling back into your head with pleasure with one of these easy-to-use nipple suckers. Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for reading our article on the best nipple suckers!