Top 5 Best Fleshlight Reviews:

Fleshlights are revolutionary when it comes to male masturbation. They have completely changed the game, and make masturbating feel 100 times better. What exactly is a fleshlight? A fleshlight is a type of “pocket pussy” or portable masturbation tool. It mimics the feel of a real vagina, and trust me they work! Fleshlights look like a flashlight, making them very discreet, and the most popular pocket pussy. There are a few different types of fleshlights on the market. When it comes to searching for the best fleshlight there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Some are made to look like a real vagina, while some just try to feel like one. If you want the best feeling fleshlight, go with #1 on this list, it vibrates! With any fleshlight, you are probably going to want some water based lube. It’s not required, but definitely will help out. Click here to check out the best water based lube specifically made for fleshlights! Without further adieu, let’s jump right into our list of the best fleshlight.

#5 Fleshlight Flight

One of the best fleshlights on the market

This fleshlight is a light weight, portable fleshlight that is meant to take on the road. It still measures 8 inches long, allowing for plenty of room for most men. This fleshlight doesn’t attempt to resemble a vagina. It creates more of a blowjob like feel whenever you use it. If you are looking for something light weight, this is the best fleshlight for you, but if you want something more heavy duty keep reading! Click here to view the flight on Adam & Eve.

#4 Fleshlight Go: Surge


An amazing fleshlight, some even say its the best fleshlight.

This fleshlight is also very easy to store and take with you wherever you go. This fleshlight creates a unique sucking sensation that feels a bit different from the one above. Overall I would say it feels better than the flight, and is definitely the best fleshlight that is small and portable. The surge also comes with a free water based lube! Click here to view this product on Adam & Eve.

#3 Fleshlight: Jesse Jane

A great fleshlight

The Jesse Jane edition fleshlight is another amazing toy. It also has the sucking sensation that feels more like a blowjob, but this one comes with the ability to adjust how tight it is and the strength of the sucking sensation. The Jesse Jane is made with a ribbed interior for added stimulation. Not to mention, this fleshlight retains heat to make it feel even more like the real deal! Click here to view the Jesse Jane on Adam & Eve.

#2 Fleshlight Stamina Trainer Value Pack


Possibly the best fleshlight on the market.

If you want to work on lasting longer and have a little more money to spend, the stamina trainer value pack is definitely a great purchase! The pack comes with a full sized stamina training unit with a realistic vagina like opening that simulates the real deal. The kit also has a shower mount which allows you to go hands free and use the fleshlight in many different positions. On top of that you get multiple types of lube as well as cleaning products for cleaning up afterwards! If you are looking to last longer in bed, this kit is definitely the best option for you. Click here to checkout this kit on Adam & Eve.

#1 Fleshlight Vibro (The Best Fleshlight)

By far the best fleshlight money can buy

The fleshlight vibro is by far the best fleshlight on the market! It comes with three removable bullet vibrators that will make you have the best orgasm of you life. A lot of people even claim that this fleshlight feels better than the real deal. It is something you have to try! This bad boy is also waterproof, allowing you to take it in the shower or bath with you. I can’t recommend this fleshlight enough, it simply feels amazing. Click here to view this fleshlight on Adam & Eve.

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