6 Best Role Play Costumes To Keep Things Interesting

Using clothing as an aphrodisiac has to be as old as civilization itself.  Many years after realizing that our bodies are just rather ape-like and normal looking, creative types figured out that if we dress sexuality up a bit, we can stimulate the mind and the loins!  Today, we have the best role play costumes on the Internet to help set fire to our passions, whether your preference is kinky, classic or even a little odd.

Here are a few role play costumes for men and women that you might want to try on for size, whether for bedroom kink or just for show and tell at a theme party or event.

6. Sexy Maid Costume

This maid is definitely one of the best role play costumesThe best role play costumes are the ones that play upon our fantasies of SELF fulfillment.  So it’s no surprise that men who want to be rich and powerful have sexy maid fantasies—a woman who is paid to work for the master of the house, clean and do his housework and all the while squeezing into tight and revealing black and white maid nightgowns.  This Naughty Service Maid costume has an apron cut babydoll design with lace and bows, as well as an underwire and molded cups for a push up bra effect.  The white garters are a nice touch and are adjustable, just like the straps.  Made from polyester and spandex, it feels smooth to the touch.  For the best effect, the wife or girlfriend can use a French accent and, of course, be in submission to her sexy and lustful boss.

5. Innocent Schoolgirl Outfit

this school girl is one of the best role play costumes out thereNext on our list of best role play costumes, we have a sleazy favorite.  The innocent schoolgirl who can’t resist the evil sexy teacher, or in the case of Hentai porn, the monstrous Tentacle Monster.  Regardless of who the man plays, the role of the woman is to be not only submissive to her authority figure, but also naïve.  She’s not a dirty girl but is being forced to be dirty by that diabolical genius, that seductive man who knows how to use the paddle!  Using a costume like the Naughty Schoolgirl Uniform, you can get the point across well, dressing in a short plaid skirt and flirty top.  Bonus

4. High Priced Courtesan Outfit

If you love the Moulin Rouge or have always fancied a hot fantasy involving cash upfront, but like a woman with class and style, you can’t go wrong with the Parisian Showgirl outfit, with lace up bodice, top hat and fishnets you can add on to the shipment.  For staying in character use a confident Nicole Kidman-esque voice, the siren’s charm that works even on the most extravagant of royalty.

3. Bad Police Officer Outfit

males can use the best role play costumes too!It’s easy to understand why women like the bad boy, and if that bad boy is an authority figure like a police man (with handcuffs) how can she resist?  Besides, even if she resists his advances, won’t she get a ticket?  Worst of all, maybe she’ll be arrested and then interrogated in that private room where anything can happen!  Now you understand the appeal of the bad boy police officer, and with a costume like Dreamgirls Dirt Cop Officer (Ed Banger in case you want to know the character’s name!) you get the hat, badge pin, name plate and vest and pants.  You can also add on the works—baton, handcuffs (imagine what he can do with that!) and other police officer related items.  Perfect for role play, or a surprise cop visit that ends in a strip performance!

2. Sexy Cowboy Role Play Costume

What’s sexier than an outlaw cowboy who plays by his own rules?  Feel the heat of the Wild West with this range rider black leather duster outfit, with a hat, chaps and vest that can be added on to the initial purchase.  Cowboys, like police officers, are sexy because they’re tough, rough, and don’t follow the rules.  Great gift for role playing to the women who has a forbidden ranch fantasy.

1. Sailor and Nautical Doll Costumes (The Best Role Play Costumes)

this naughty sailor is one of the best role play costumesPopeye may not be sexy anymore, but the idea of a sailor’s bulging muscles in a sailor’s uniform still gets it right.  Showcasing the man’s arms and his bulging covered crotch, the Smiffy’s Male Sailor Costume goes perfectly with the female counterpart—the Nautical Doll from California Costumes.  The female uniform has a short A-style dress with sailor hat, and she’ll look ravishing while giving a sailor the old salute.  Bonus points if you add on a red wig.

Other Weird Role Play Costumes

Last but not least, if you want weird you’ll definitely find it on Amazon and who says kink is a sex killer anyway?  Live out your horror / erotica fantasy with a Bloodbath Betty Outfit, which is a sexy nurse covered in horror.  Maybe it’s not your thing, but it’s actually pretty popular for Halloween parties, Cosplay events and so on.

We also like this Supernatural-esque Fallen Angel costume, with its own floating halo, wings and ethereal dress.  Not only a hit at parties, but perhaps a costume so convincing your friends may draw a circle of holy fire or “angel trap” around you!

And if that’s not weird enough then cure your sexual obsession with Barney and Friends dolls by dressing up in this bizarre Sexy Women’s Dino Doll Dinosaur, an imaginative costume we can only assume is a paleontologist’s dream come true.

Some role play costumes are meant for the bedroom exclusively, while some are just fun to wear in public, getting looks and flirts from strangers at a comic convention or theme party.  It always makes for a good time.  The best role play costumes you will find are easy to put on, easy to take off, colorful, and of course, help to accentuate our best assets, whether that’s the chest or the crotch.  The point of it is to tease your partner and fire up their imagination, playing the same “character” as you are presenting visually.  Clothes always go better with a matching personality—one sexy, vivacious and spontaneously fun!

Thank you for reading our article on the best role play costumes!