6 Best Sex Pillows For More Intimate Sex

One of the first things you hear when examining the best positions for sex is that if standard missionary, and even standard woman-on-top, is made better by using a pillow.  But what is the best sex pillow and is there a difference between a regular pillow and furniture made for sexual experimentation?

The vagina is penetrable from most angles but only some of these angles will hit the Gspot as well as other sensitive areas inside.  Vaginal penetration statistically does not please a woman enough to have an orgasm; there is a need for direct clitoral and or Gspot friction.  What a pillow does is elevate a woman’s vagina, providing a better angle to reach targeted areas, as well as provide superior comfort and support.  However, pillows are not shaped or filled to provide sturdy elevation—they’re just layers of softness, and may not provide the angle or the comfort two partners need.  Enter the sex pillow!  Consider some of the top selling sex cushion models and what makes each other work.

1. Liberator Wedge Sex Pillow

this wedge is definitely one of the best sex pillows The Liberator Wedge is one of the most simple designs at an affordable price.  This pillow is deceptively simple and at first glance you might think it functions the same as a thick pillow.  However, its sturdy structure is what makes it effective.  It doesn’t “smash down” but provides strong support for multiple positions.  The Liberator Wedge has a 27-degree angle and is 24 inches in size.  Its ergonomic design allows for better flexibility and versatility in the positions you can maneuver into.  In fact, many users claim that after using the pillow they can both last longer and men penetrate their partners deeper—almost too deep, compared to regular bed or fluffy pillow positions. Click here to check out the Liberator Wedge.

2. Adult Exercise Air Pillow Inflatable Toy

this is one of the best sex pillows on the marketThis Adult Exercise Air Pillow Inflatable Toy offers a little more convenience than the previous toy, in that its mobile and easy to pack, thanks to its deflating function.  It’s easy to take with you and once it’s full of air, a couple can use it for doggy style, or elevated missionary, or even more challenging Kama Sutra positions.  The almost-40 inch sex pillow is machine washable and also has a hole to put a sex toy, dildo or vibrator inside. Click here to check out this pillow.



3. Liberator Bonbon

the best sex pillow on the marketThe Liberator Bonbon is the same sturdy pillow as the other Liberator model, but has a section for a dildo or vibrator, allowing for a hands free experience—great for partner or solo play.  Most users say that the toy stays put and doesn’t fall out like in inferior model pillows.  It’s a relatively small sex pillow but might actually work with couples or singles who are petite in size or short to moderate height. Check out the Bonbon here.

4. Toughage PF3203 Inflate Contoured Support

51x-rT9dtmLThis pillow by Toughage certainly looks more complex than the relatively simple pillow of the Liberator brand.  Like the liberator and some other best sex pillows, the PF3203 is inflatable and somewhat bulky when at full size.  However, it can support up to 500 pounds making it ideal for most couples and solo acts.  It has slanted positioning for more positions and its two sections can work together or apart for a greater variety than the competition.  The ramp and wedge sections can help to take the weight off backs, knees and necks.  It can also be used on another piece of furniture, like a bed or couch, to avoid sinking inside.  It measures a large 34 x 24 x 12 for the ramp and 14 x 24 x 7 for the wedge.  The piece is so large a “smaller” version of it is also sold.  It can help a couple achieve better achieve positions like doggy style, sixty nine, the caramel (the woman’s legs spread on his shoulders) and other complex maneuvers. Click here to checkout this pillow.

5. Utimi Inflatable Cushions Fetish Fantasy Sofa Love Chair with Adjustable Bondage

our number one best sex pillowUtimi Inflatable Cushions Fetish Fantasy Sofa may well be the most ambitious and best sex pillow, since it’s not only an inflatable love seat but also has bondage gear attached to it.  The 300-pound carrying love seat has soft but secure material meaning you won’t easily slip or fall off of it.  It comes with an inflating pump allowing easy building and deflating in just five minutes.  The BDSM-type restraints allow you to tie one partner up with six Velcro straps, and loosen or tighten them as desired.  You can restrain your partner’s wrists, arms and ankles.  The obvious disadvantage here is that it doesn’t allow for creative positions as much so as the Liberator pillows.  However if you enjoy bondage play it’s ideal—it makes packing and unpacking easier and you don’t have to worry about tying restraints since they’re built into the pillow.

6. King Cock Deluxe Sex Cushion (The Best Sex Pillow)

the best sex pillow money can buy!The KingCock Deluxe Hot Seat may be the best sex pillow if you want an all-in-one inflatable experience.  Instead of just a seat or just a bondage toy, it’s a combination vibrator and sex pillow.  Its cushion has a vibrating element in the middle of the seat, with handles on the side to attempt other positions.  There are also three realistic sleeves to try on and adjustable vibrations, just like a high end vibrator.  It is a fairly large piece of sex furniture, at 18 inches by 9 inches, but still medium height for discreet storage.  Ideally, this toy is not for Kama Sutra like sex positions necessarily but for a woman (or man) who wants to ride a dildo/vibrator and bounce away for more excitement.  It’s definitely a great way for “vanilla” couples to experience a threesome-like experience, as the woman could pleasure the man while riding the “stunt penis”.  It’s a nice touch that each sleeve is different in look and length.  The fact that you can ride it while feeling the vibes makes it a very tempting toy, and one modestly priced, considering it runs approximately the same as the other more simple sex pillows.

Your decision on what makes for the best sex pillows really depends on whether you want simple elevation for the most diversity, or bondage, or a hands free ride.  However, all of these models have good reviews and will be a nice sexual enhancement for your next romantic getaway.

Thanks for reading our article on the best sex pillow for you!