8 Vibrating Nipple Clamps For Endless Stimulation

If you’re interested in vibrating nipple clamps, chances are you’ve stumbled upon a well hidden secret of sexuality and orgasm—nipples are highly erogenous zones!  From the breast itself to the nipple and areola, this is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body.  Although men can also feel nipple stimulation, women tend to enjoy it more so because of the presence of estrogen and progesterone, which greatly increases sensitivity.

Nipple stimulation actually releases feel-good chemicals like oxytocin and prolactin, which makes the nipple erect; doing this not only creates pleasure and feelings of intimacy and bonding, but also reduces anxiety.  In fact, some women are so sensitive in the nipples they can actually have mini-orgasms from repeated stimulation.

The best way to continually stimulate nipples is to use vibrating nipple clamps, sex toys designed exclusively for nipple stimulation.  Maybe your first thought is, doesn’t that hurt?  Not necessarily, and the pleasure / pain scale remains your choice.  Consider several vibrating nipple clamps and other vibrating toys that go beyond the traditional design.

1. Wireless Nipple Clamps

One of the best pairs of vibrating nipple clamps!While you can use regular vibrators on nipples, it can be tiring to hold the vibrator in a position that’s not comfortable.  This is why most vibrators created for nipple stimulation come with clamps, like the Wireless Vibrating Nipple Clamps from Fetish Fantasy.  These actually have adjustable tension sliders, meaning you can adjust the tightness of the squeeze.  The reason why many clamps hurt is because the pressure is too tight and or the contours of the sliders are harsh.  With this toy, comfort is part of the design.  There is a single speed mini-vibrator within the clamps for a hands-free experience.

2. Fantasy Cordless Nipple Suckers

Vibrating nipple clamps to ensure stimulation!Nipple suckers are an additional feature to the hands-free vibrating action.  These suckers are placed over the erect nipples, while one or both partners operate the pump to feel suction.  The pump function is joined by tingling single speed battery-operated vibration.  Bear in mind that not all women respond to suction toys, as they may not provide enough vibration, or on the other hand, may be too strong or intense.  Vibrating toys tend to be more predictable in the way they provide stimulation, and thus are preferred by most customers.

3. Frisky Vibe Me Nipple Clamps

These vibrating nipple clamps are a fast track to an orgaasm!Frisky Vibe Be Nipple Clamps are similar to the other basic models but with tighter pinches and with multi-speed vibrations.  They are wired, which is one disadvantage, but they have soft vinyl material for the clamp, which makes it soft and sensuous.  Some customers also believe the vibrations are stronger since there are two separate bullets for each breast.

4. Maxxx Powerful Twist Nipple Suckers

The Maxxx Nipple Suckers product offers suction and a special “twist” feature, through a transparent device which lets you both see the twisting mechanism and feel the stiffness and sensitivity immediately.  Not only can this stimulate nipples, just as a partner can be rough by twisting the nipple in an opposite direction, but it can also stimulate the clitoris.

5. Japanese Clover Nipple Clamps

Looking for a good pair of vibrating nipple clamps? Look no further!If you want more pinch, and even a little pain—which is a common request in BDSM sex—then these Japanese Clover Nipple Clamps go beyond vibrating nipple clamps and let you feel the pain.  These are probably the tightest squeeze you can find outside of a dungeon, and with rubber tips on the teeth, you’re protected from injury…but definitely will feel the sting.  This one is not for all tastes since the pinch is intense and you may have to work your way up to this level of hurt.  But customers who enjoyed the sting and like a little pain/pleasure combination commented favorably on its function.

6. Fetish Fantasy Spinning Nipple Stimulators

These vibrating nipple clamps will make you tingleAnother variation on nipple stimulation, this time with a “spinning function”.  Hands-free like the other toys, this Fetish Fantasy Spinning Nipple Stimulator provides suction as well as spinning ticklers, which give seven intense rotation patterns.  These vibration / spinning nubs are wired, waterproof and highly visual thanks to see-through cups for the benefit of your partner.

7. Magnus Mighty Magnetic Nipple Orbs

Magnus Mighty Magnetic Nipple Orbs are more extreme than it might first appear.  They are magnetized clamps, and while they don’t vibrate, they use magnets to create a far more tight and pinching effect.  The effect is mimicking what it would feel like to have pierced nipples, a BDSM and kinky sex favorite.  You and your partner can experience the erotic visual and intense feeling but without the permanence or pain of the real piercing.

8. Electro Shock Sex Therapy (The Best Vibrating Nipple Clamps)

Our number one best vibrating nipple clamps!The final stage in vibrating nipple clamps technology is literally a bang, or at least a jolt of excitement, namely through Electro Shock Sex Therapy.  It sounds a bit horrid, but not to worry—when it’s kept at low voltage, it’s pretty much the equivalent of hot candle wax or a good vibrating pinch.  The stimulation begins with the push of a button, and an electrical current stimulates the nerves and muscles of wherever the patch is placed.  For example in the picture, the patch is placed on the man’s nipples; this is not merely used for kink or pain but also for soothing the muscle itself.  There are ten levels of stimulation to try, from tingling to a more aggressive tap.  There are three patterns of movement as well as five suggested places to put the pads on your lover’s body.

Most women who talk about experiencing breast orgasms claim it happens when their lover spends an extra long time stimulating the nipples and simply explores their body—as opposed to goal oriented sex.  Some women were actually virgins when they experienced their first breast orgasms.  Many others claim that softer touching helps more, since the slow build up provides greater intensity than immediately grasping the nipple with a hand pinch or toy pinch.

Lastly, remember that nipple orgasms can be a predecessor to genital orgasm and can actually intensify a regular orgasm later on.  The more your whole body experiences erotic touch and stimulation, the greater the overall effect.

Thank you for reading our article on the best vibrating nipple clamps!