Best Chemises To Make You Feel Sexier

If you have never dressed in sexy chemise lingerie, then you have not fully experienced the thrill of having a man fawn over you and worship you in unbridled lust!  Lingerie, particularly chemise style, refers to a classic smock, a woman’s under garment that is similar to a shirt but designed to highlight cleavage.  The best chemises tend to be loose fitting, sleeveless and soft to the touch.  Unlike t-shirts they are loose at the waist and hang from the shoulders.  There are also no buttons or other means of fastening.  A babydoll is a similar style of lingerie.

Historically speaking, the “smock” preceded shirts, and that is where the etymology of the word comes from.  All languages borrowed the term from the Celtic word, “Camisia”, and not coincidentally. Romans borrowed clothing and fashion from Celtic culture.  The tunica of Rome also influenced the earliest designs.  These were clothes worn under a woman’s robe, and also worn by men with trousers, and covered by doublets.

While the old “shift” or chemise lingerie was initially a non-sexy undershirt, the style changed by the 1800s, when chemises were made to be worn outside.  By the early 1900s, the old classic chemise was replaced by bras and girdles, for the sake of practicality.  However, in recent times they have been replaced by the sexy chemise, designed only to be gawked at, touched, and then carefully pulled off for a night of passion.

By the 1930s, crotchless underpants were fashionable as a symbol of sexual availability.  Furthermore, pinup stars like Bettie Page helped to bring corselets and bustiers to mainstream Hollywood.  As movies were able to show more, in defiance of the Hayes Code, more Americans found out just how sexy undergarments could be. Victoria’s Secret was founded in the 1970s and was another evolution in fashion, as these gowns were in between practical non-sexy gowns and overpriced lingerie for wedding nights and honeymoons.  The founder of the store wanted to create more affordable sexy undergarments for the middle class.  This was in contrast to the 1960s since this was the decade that saw bras become more simple and aesthetic, rather than restraining, with the advent of feminism.

The best chemises in modern fashion today are available in a few basic designs.  Consider a few top selling gowns from Amazon and Adam & Eve.

Juice Rose Babydoll

First of all, we have the see-through one piece chemise like the Juicy Rose Babydoll in Red.  This gown features transparent spandex and lace material and it’s available in multiple sizes.  It also has cross strap detail and lace triangle cups along with a halter ties design.

Sexy Babydoll Lingerie

pretty blue is one of the best chemises out there!The Sexy Babydoll Lingerie in Blue is made from mesh and lace and has a more traditional shoulder strap construction.  The straps are adjustable and the gown itself has no cups, just a g-string and top with see-through design.

AvidLove Deep V Halter Chemise

The AvidLove Deep V Halter Chemise is a good example of a uniquely shaped babydoll, with a plunging v-line and mock-one piece design that shows the full shape of the breasts and belly while still hiding the nipples.  The g-string also connects to the chemise with a plunging bikini top.  Add rhinestones and you have an imaginative offering.

Eternastic Women Mesh Cupless Babydoll

But if you really want to wow a guy into submission, the Eternastic Women Mesh Cupless Babydoll gives you all the power, with its mesh and cupless design made from spandex and nylon.  The lingerie has adjustable straps for accommodating different sizes of breasts, along with adorable satin bows.  The thong is also adjustable while the dress itself splits apart and resembles a gown with a breezy, flowing weight.

X Rated Chemise

This x-rated is also a top rated and one of the best chemises!The X Rated Chemise lingerie is something erotic and imaginative, with its BDSM-inspired look, featuring X-shaped straps, a choker and wrist restraints.  The choker ties around the neck with the help of an accent ring.  The wrist restraints have Velcro closures.  Made out of polyester, it’s soft and convenient for bondage players.

Courtney Lace Robe G String

The Courtney Lace Robe G String is a basic two piece design except that it covers a thong with a transparent and lightweight robe.  The floral stretch lace is designed similarly to a kimono robe with scalloped edged lace sleeves.  Made for fuller figures, it  has a center tie in front and a distinctly fluid look with open sleeves and a loose fit.

Diamond Dress with Garters

for sure the best chemises with its sexy look!The Diamond Dress with Garters not only has a stretch mess giving the viewing audience a great see-through view, and a halter top design, but also includes garters and stockings “built in” to the design.  Made from nylon, the piece is one of the best chemises in the store in total sales, and gives you a complete outfit from head to toe.  The lace accents, and black or red coloring, are also nice touches.

Mesmerizing Lace Chemises (The Best Chemises)

Lastly, there’s the Mesmerizing Lace Chemise, an imported chemise lingerie that’s a one piece pink colored chemise with cutouts for bare breasts.  The collar snaps behind the neck in a halter design.  With nylon material, it’s a soft feel and it matches most romantic décors.

Choosing the best chemises depends on what color you like and what design appeals to you the most.  There are hundreds of selections at your favorite online stores, which provide discounts on shipping.

Some women like a more conservative one piece, whereas others really want to go for “sexy vixen” and leave little to the imagination.  Just remember to choose something YOU actually like, and not something you think your husband or boyfriend will like.  The difference is that you should feel comfortable and sexy, because your inner confidence will reflect in your posture and lovemaking.

Trust us…the guy will definitely love whatever you choose!  Chemise lingerie is a gift for men and a great way for a woman to get an ego boost!

Thanks for reading our article on the best chemises!