The Best Condom Brand To Keep You Protected

People like to play it cool.  They like to play it smart.  They’ve learned all about sex education before they’ve copped their first feel.  Both guys and gals carry an extra condom or two around just in case they get lucky.  For young and smart lovers, it’s not a question of using a condom, but just what is the best condom brand to buy.

What is the Best Condom Brand?

the best condom brand to make you feel safeAlthough condoms are adequate for birth control, the biggest reason couples use them are for the prevention of STDs.  Condoms aren’t a novel idea.  They’ve been around for at least seven hundred years.  Fifteenth century Chinese gentlemen decided to protect their private parts with a glans condom made from lamb intestines and oiled silk paper.  The Japanese were heartier.  They protected the head of the penis with a tortoise shell or animal horn.

Sixteenth century physician and atomist, Gabrielle Fallopius, must have decided this was a good idea.  Addressing the near epidemic proportions of a syphilis outbreak, he experimented with a linen sheath soaked in chemicals then dried, as a protective shield for 1,100 participants, who it was to be assumed, volunteered freely.  None of the participants became infected with the transmutable disease.

Nearly all condom brands today effectively protect the user from STDs, as long as you buy the correct size.  If the size you picked out is too large, the condom can slip off during intercourse, ruining its effectiveness as either a form of birth control or as a means of preventing transmutable diseases.  If the size is too small, the condom can become very uncomfortable, restrict blood flow and even burst.  The best condom brands cater to size as carefully as a clothing designer.  The condom should literally fit like a glove.

From the first backseat romance to present day, the term, “I’ve got rubbers” has been more accurate than most people realize.  While Charles Goodyear was developing the vulcanized rubber which would re-define the tire industry, he was also busy with applying other uses for rubber, including a soft, pliable rubber condom.  It wasn’t long before his condoms were being mass-produced in a one-size fits-all pack.

The cheapest and most commonly available condoms today are made from latex, which is a non-vulcanized rubber.  Modern technology gives the buyer choices in sizes, shapes and thickness.  Some couples enjoy using a condom with an extra bulb at the tip that leaves more room for ejaculation.  Some women feel that extra little dangle is all they need to complete an orgasm.

Although thicker condoms logically are safer condoms, the two don’t necessarily go hand in hand.  A poorly manufactured or wrong sized condom can slip and break, no matter what the thickness.  On the other hand, the best brands, such as Trojan and Durex, produce a very thin condom that feels almost like naked pleasure to both partners.

A small percent of the population; about three million people; are allergic to latex.  Fortunately, there are alternative condoms.  Made from polyisoprene and polyurethane, these condoms work as effectively as latex and are sold by major companies. One brand is SKYN Original, made for people who are allergic to latex.

Bumps, Ridges and Lubricants

the best condom brand for great sensationBefore AIDS began terrifying people into wearing protection in the 1980’s, the general population was dragging its feet about wearing condoms.  The most common reason reported for not wearing a sex life preserver, was diminished pleasure.   The rules have changed.  Protection has become the primary consideration. A protected sex life is better than no sex life at all, but even better would be sex life without diminished pleasure.

The major condom companies offer a wide range of condoms that are meant to increase or enhance intercourse pleasure.  Trojan came out with a condom designed specifically for increasing the woman’s sexual pleasure.  The bumps and ridges on the outside of the condom are supposed to stimulate her nerve endings and help her to achieve an orgasm.  Men considering the bumpy ride, however, should consult the little woman first.  Some women may find the friction more irritating than erotic.

Friction in general isn’t pleasurable to either men or women, if it’s dry friction.  The best brands offer condoms that are lubricated, some on both the outside and inside.  Choosing among lubricated condoms can be great fun, but should also be done with just a few notes of caution.

The Sensuality Kick-Back

the best condom brand to make you last longerWearing a lubricated condom or applying a bit of lubrication seems simple enough, but now there is a choice in lubricants, all with specific intents.  Some condoms, such as Trojan Extended, are climax controlled.  The lubricant contains a numbing ingredient, such as benzocaine or lidocaine, for men who ejaculate too soon.  The cool, numbing sensation can have the opposite effect however, as some men reported going limp after using it.  It also has a very unpleasant effect on women if the lubricant gets inside her vagina.

Spermicidal lubricants were designed to kill all sperm, adding an extra boost of pregnancy prevention, but the active ingredient can irritate her vulva tissue and vaginal lining.  It can also cause micro-tears that increase her vulnerability to HIV or STI. One condom brand that includes spermicide is the ENZ series.

Some lubricants are meant to specifically heighten pleasure for the couple, such as the Charged series.  While they are met with a great deal of enthusiasm for the explosive sensations, research has determined that some of them use menthol, which is an alcohol that can become somewhat abrasive for the testicles and might make women feel like they’ve just been cleaned out with an antiseptic.  L-arginine is also one of the ingredients for high-stimulation lubricants.  Ingested as a supplement, it has been proven that it does increase blood flow to the penis, but reports are still not in on what it does if used topically.

Best Condom Brand Is The One You Like the Most

The best condom brand is the one that carries your exact size.  It fits comfortably, without slipping during the sexual act or squeezing tightly around the shaft during a full erection.  It has the thickness and shape you and your partner find the most agreeable.  It may be full of ridges and bumps or smooth as baby skin, lubricated or plain.  The best condom brand gives you the most pleasure in accordance to your tastes, while providing birth control and prevention against STD’s.

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