Best Last Longer in Bed Pills For A Long Night

The odds are against you.  Half of all men between the ages of forty and seventy will experience erectile dysfunction to some degree, with the odds going up after age fifty. Premature ejaculation also affects men of all ages, particularly men who don’t masturbate or who masturbate quickly.  Fortunately, there are a number of medications, herbal supplements, that will help to identify the best last longer in bed pills.

The Dysfunctional Elephant in Your Bedroom

It’s impossible to leave the television on for any length of time without a commercial telling you relief for erectile dysfunction is just around the corner, at your local pharmacy.  Avanafil (Stendra), Sildenafil (Viagra), Vardenafil (Levitra) and Tadalafil (Cialis) have all been proven effective for temporary treatment.  The differences are in onset and duration, with Cialis the slowest to begin taking effect, but has the long-lasting performance.  Cialis, however, has been associated with backaches and muscle aches, while blue tinged vision is a common side effect of Viagra and Levitra.  Lab results indicate Stendra is the least likely pill to cause side effects.

The Best Last Longer in Bed Pills Aren’t Magic

Sex enhancement or ED drugs are not magic pills that will increase your virility and make you a sex freak that can go all night.  Medically, they are a solution for increasing blood flow to the penis. Erectile dysfunction is often an early warning sign for cardiovascular disease, and can predate it by years, as the tiny veins will clog before the main arteries.

If the drug duration is for six hours, it doesn’t mean you’ll perform six hours straight before climaxing.  It means that during those six hours, you will be able to become aroused and reach a climax through normal foreplay and sexual activity.  You won’t be walking around fully loaded without sexual stimulation.  In fact, if you do have an erection for an abnormal length of time, you should go back and talk with your doctor.

When Pills to Last Longer in Bed Don’t Work

These drugs should not be taken with nitrates, as it can cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure.  If you take pills called alpha blockers for urinary symptoms, you should take them at least four hours before or after taking ED drugs as the combination can also lower your blood pressure.

Drugs work for about seventy percent of its patients.  Sometimes, the reason that pills to last longer in bed aren’t working is simply because they aren’t being taken correctly.  ED drugs should be taken on an empty stomach rather than a full one and at least one hour before engaging in sexual activity.

Sometimes the reason is physical. Men with nerve or artery damage due to prostate surgery, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease will not respond as well to last longer in bed pills or may not respond at all.

If pills don’t work for you, there are alternatives.  Alprostadil is given as an injection to the penis.  Before you squirm, the needle is very tiny and causes no pain.  The drug helps relax the smooth muscle tissue in the penis, allowing the increased blood flow needed for an erection.  Alprostadil may also be taken as a suppository, a tiny tab placed in the opening at the tip of the penis.

What You’re Willing to Spend to Last Longer in Bed

the best last longer in bed pills don't always have to be a pill, you can use a pump too!The leading last longer in bed pills are expensive.  The best pills will cost you an average of fifteen to twenty dollars for a single dose, and be limited to four to six doses a month.   A single Alprostadil injection can cost up to $45 and is good for up to four hours. Trying to cut down on the costs while leading an active sex life can be tricky.  Low cost medications are often little more than placebos, with their degree of effectiveness more coincidental than medically proven.  Some medications may not be covered under your insurance policy, or still have a steep out-of-pocket cost.  Others, such as TriMix, a combination of alprostadil, phentolamine and papaverine, are very effective, have a relatively low cost, but are not covered by most insurance plans.

An expensive way that uses no medications at all, is the vacuum pump.  You use a special tube that fits around the penis and is connected to either a battery operated or hand pump.  You then pump out all the air, creating a vacuum.  This causes the blood to rush into your penis, making it erect.  You then slip a rubber ring at the base to keep the blood in place, and you have an erection that will last about thirty minutes.  Learning to use the pump correctly may take a little practice, but nine out of ten men who use it are able to perform adequately, regardless of the cause of their erectile dysfunction.

Natural Functioning Pills

these are definitely one of the best last longer in bed pills out there! Even the best artificial remedies for lasting longer in bed come with a list of possible side effects.  They all preclude existing medical conditions.  Even with a pump, there are cautions that it should not be used for a bleeding disorder or if you are taking anti-coagulant medicines.

The leading cause of erectile dysfunction is poor blood circulation, caused by the narrowing of the blood vessels and arteries.  If you wish to become whole functioning again without the aid of pills, you have a strict routine of diet and exercise ahead of you.  There are a few natural remedies, however, that can hurry you along your way.

Acupuncture has been held up as a means of improving blood circulation, although the scientific evidence is still pretty thin.  Another extremely popular natural remedy is L-arginine.  It’s found naturally in many foods, relaxes blood vessels and is used to treat heat problems.  However, the body metabolizes it so quickly, you would need an enormous amount to acquire and maintain an erection, unless you’re in for long term use.

Ginkgo Biloba is also raved about and taken enthusiastically.  While it is used in a wide variety of blood disorders and for improving the memory, as a magic potion for erectile dysfunction, it just doesn’t work. Red ginseng receives the stamp of medical approval.  Studies have proven it does some good, although researchers are still not sure just how it works. If you like pomegranates, you just hit the jack pot for a high functioning sex life.  Packed with nutrients, the juicy pomegranate helps the arteries expand and remain supple. Horny Goat Weed and Yohimbe are also effective aphrodisiacs, and the latter, works in a similar manner as Viagra, manipulating blood flow.

Always consult your doctor before trying herbal remedies, as some can exacerbate the effects of an existing medical condition or cause low blood pressure.  Learn what works best for you.  The quick fix is finding the best pills to help you perform longer in bed.  The long term fix is a long term commitment to a diet and exercise plan that will keep you energized and your arteries cleared of unhealthy toxins and fats. Occasional staying hard problems are to be expected but it doesn’t have to be a way of life!

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