Best Penis Extension For Giving The Best Orgasms

Having a penis extension (also sometimes called a penis sleeve) can give you a big boost when it comes to sex. What exactly is a penis extension you may ask? A penis extension is exactly what it sounds like, something you put on your penis to either make it longer or add more pleasure for your partner. Penis extensions can be a few different things. There are penis sleeves that vibrate, ones that have another shaft for dual penetration at the same time, and ones that just add some ridges around your penis for added pleasure. Our list today will cover all 3 types. When searching for the best penis extension, there are a few things to look out for. A lot of times penis sleeves can be uncomfortable. We have tested all of the products on this list and can personally say that they are not only very comfortable, but feel amazing for your partner! Without further adieu, let’s jump right into our list of the best penis extension!

#4 Really Ample Penis Enhancer

One of the best penis extensions of all time

If you are looking for a typical extension that just adds a few inches to your penis, this is the best penis sleeve for you. This bad boy will make you measure 7in long and 2in wide. It fits very comfortably, but may not work as well if your penis is really wide to start with. There are pleasure ridges on the inside of the extension which makes it feel great for the person who is wearing it, and not just for the person receiving it. And the material is made in such a way that will feel amazing for your partner. Click here to checkout the really ample on Adam & Eve.

#3 Silicone Love Rider Dual Penetrator

Simply the best penis extension

The silicone love rider dual penetrator is a great penis sleeve if your partner is into anal sex. It will allow you to hit both holes at once, which will give your partner the best orgasm of her life. At first I thought it was going to be a little hard to go fast while using this extension, but that was not the case at all. This penis sleeve is made out of silicone which is pretty flexible and allows you to still go very fast without having to worry about it falling out. If you are looking for a way to dual penetrate your partner, this is the best penis extension for you. Click here to view this product on Adam & Eve.

#2 Double Penetrator Ultimate Penis Ring

The best penis sleeve on the market

This product is very similar to the penis sleeve above, but better in a few ways. This product comes with a penis ring that goes around your actual penis. A penis ring is simply something you put around your penis to get a harder and longer erection by restricting blood flow out of your penis. If this sounds like something that interests you, click here to checkout our list of the best cock rings. Not only will this bad boy dual penetrate your partner, but it will also keep you harder, longer! Also, the top of the ring is great for clitorial stimulation, so in a way this fun toy will provide triple the pleasure. Your partner won’t be able to thank you enough. Click here to checkout this toy on Adam & Eve.

#1 A&E Vibrating Penis Sleeve Kit (The Best Penis Extension)

The best penis sleeve on the market today

The kit definitely earns its spot as the best penis sleeve of all time. It comes with 5 different sleeves that all are made out of different textures and ridges, and they all vibrate! Not only will you gain a few inches with these sleeves, they will feel absolutely amazing for your partner. Each sleeve has its own unique thrusting features and different speeds of vibrations. Some of them even have fantastic clitoral stimulation that will leave your partner with the best orgasm of their life. These are the extensions I personally use and cannot recommend them enough. Click here to checkout this kit on Adam & Eve.

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