3 Best Sex Dolls For A Realistic Feeling

Let’s face it, when it comes to satisfying that late night itch for some fun between the sheets, not every itch always gets scratched. Whether you had a rough night out on the town or preferred not to leave the house in the first place, you should never get discouraged. “But Charlie, I’ve used up all my tinder swipes!” Don’t fret. A great alternative to the difficult cat and mouse chase we call a “one-night stand” is this delectable selection of sex dolls. Sex dolls are becoming increasingly popular for their simplicity. You don’t have to remember her birthday, anniversary, or even her name should you give her one. Sex dolls are a cheat code in the love game. Let’s jump right into our list so you can find the best sex doll!

#3 My Taunting Temptress Love Doll

the best sex dollIn our number three spot is a wonderful product by the name of My Taunting Temptress Love Doll. This doll has a face that is full in color, enhancing your experience for more of a realistic feel. The Temptress comes with all three points of entry and quite the set of junk in not only her trunk, but also in her hood. Taking her from place to place is quick and easy, making transport a breeze. This is by far one of the best sex dolls and rightfully earned its spot at our number three. Click here to view My Taunting Temptress Love Doll on AdamEve.



#2 Library Girl Love Doll

screenshot-www-adameve-com-2016-12-11-14-47-56Earning our number two spot is the Library Girl Love Doll. Many have fantasized about having an encounter with the lovely Kendra Sunderland, but now you can make that dream damn close to reality with her official sex doll. In terms of looks, the doll is modeled after Kendra’s tantalizing features. In terms of behavior, well that part is up to you, my friend. This doll also comes with the three main points of entry. Click here to view Library Girl Love Doll on AdamEve.

#1 Miko Realistic Love Doll (The Best Sex Doll)

screenshot-www-adameve-com-2016-12-11-14-48-34Buckle your boner. Easily claiming the number one spot on our best sex doll list is the Miko Realistic Love Doll. Just as the others, this doll comes with three points of entry with her front and back doors completely separate for your convenience. Even so, Miko belongs to one of the more unique styles of dolls we have seen on the market. Her face, hands, and feet are all made from molded rubber, making her touch feel real. Her breasts are also made of rubber, giving them the same real feel while enabling you to adjust both their size and firmness. This customization capability and attention to detail is why we believe the Miko Realistic Love Doll will give you the best bang for your buck. This doll’s unique features help allow you to bring your fantasy to life with the partner that has the features for which you lust. Be careful, the drool on the side of your mouth could really mess up your keyboard if it goes unwiped. Click here to view the Miko Realistic Love Doll on AdamEve.

Choosing the right sex doll to fit your personal needs is not always an easy search. With so many options and features available, it is my hope that this list could provide some perspective as to how much value you are getting for your dollar. It is important to know not only what you are looking at, but also what you are looking for. For a product designed completely around catering to your personal fantasy, not just any old sack of air will do the trick. Your wildest fantasies are what we strive to help you achieve, and we at Pleasure Village are confident that the simple My Taunting Temptress Love Doll, the high value Library Girl Love Doll, and the luxury Miko Realistic Love Doll will to exactly that. Feel the fantasy you deserve.

Thanks for reading our article on the best sex doll!