Best Sex Furniture To Spice Things Up

If you’ve always wanted to have that physically intense, Kama Sutra-style sex you always see on TV but can never quite pull off, maybe it’s time you get a little help from the sex toy industry.  Face it, you have to be a bit of a Yoga master to even try some of the more amazing stretches, pulls and power feats.  Or you can buy the best sex furniture and get a little help with those angles and positions.  Here are five of the best furniture for sex items you can find from top name online retailers.

1. Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing

Simply the best sex swing and one of the best sex furnitureWhen you think of the best sex furniture the first thing that probably comes to mind is a Sex Swing, such as that by Fetish Fantasy, because frankly, being suspended in air while getting pummeled by a nice young fellow is a great feeling for a woman!  Unfortunately, not all guys have the strength to lift a woman’s entire body and shake her around as easily as a pillow.  For that matter, not all guys that might have the strength have the finesse to do so without accidentally dropping her on her head.  Enter the Sex Swing, the safer way to attempt those acrobatic feats.

Being suspended in the air is a sensation your body isn’t very familiar with, that of being “weightless”, and a strong sense of power less—depending on the strong male lover to hold you in place.  One of the newest features of these swings is a 360 degree turn, which means you can rotate in any direction for all kinds of naughty fun.  A major advantage of sex swings are the fact you can try out new exciting positions without having to be as strong as the Hulk, and that’s welcome news to guys who aren’t gym rats, or who have BBW partners, or are simply too nervous about dropping their lover to try lifting the old fashioned way.  The swing is padded and comfortable, much more so than a man’s rough hands holding on for deal life, and so that makes sex fun too.  There are endless ways a swing can be used, and it is a lot of fun to figure them all out, especially when the swing can be manipulated for standing, or for keeping the body suspended in air with the woman’s legs spread. Click here to check out the fetish fantasy sex swing!

2. Liberator Wedge

this wedge is for sure needed in the best furniture for sex list Our list for the best furniture for sex would not be complete without mention of this simple but ingenious item.  A Wedge, sold in a variety of forms, is a simple piece of thick foam in a wedge shape. It almost seems too simple…that is until you have tried it and see just what elevating your partner’s body to the right angle can really do.  A better angle allows not only for more comfort, but better and deeper penetration.

The sex wedge is the best sex furniture if you are looking for G-spot, A-spot, or prostate stimulation in a male.  The correct angle of the wedge means a more accurate “aiming” for the man, as well as the ability to hold the woman in a variety of positions; like On Her Stomach (the wedge keeping her buttocks in the air) or Kama Sutra style, with her legs in the air, resting on the man’s shoulders or chest (and the wedge keeping her butt elevated).  It’s also a great tool for oral sex as it allows a comfortable stationary position which means longer sessions where neither of you will tire out right away. This is one piece of furniture everyone can afford and really has to be tried for yourself to be believed. Looking for a wedge? Click here to get one!

3. Under the Bed Restraints

these restraints help add spice to all of the best sex furniture items out thereIf you are just starting out and wanting to try soft or vanilla bondage / dominance and submission, then the Under the Bed Restraint System may be the safest way to explore.  You don’t have to invest in a whole new piece of furniture, instead simply transform what you already have for a fraction of the cost.  Everyone has a bed, and so now with under the bed restraints you have your own easy to manage bondage furniture.  Simply slide the straps between your mattress and the box spring of your bed. The cuffs are at the top and bottom of the bed to strap wrists and or ankles down.  Once strapped in, it is time for some naughty fun with your partner.  This item is also very discreet; when not in use you can tuck cuffs away and out of sight.  Unlike metal handcuffs, the ones found on these restraints are soft and padded, meaning you or your partner can tug and try to get away without leaving any bruise marks later. Click here to get your under the bed restraints!

4. Motorbunny to the Rescue! (The Best Sex Furniture Item on Our List)

our number one on the list of best sex furniture items!Last but not least, what do you get the girl that has everything, including a great career, hot husband, and smoking sex life?  Why of course, a gigantic vibrator based on the Sybian Ultimate Sex Toy technology.  The Motor Bunny is furniture for sex that offers ultra-powerful clitoral or vaginal/anal stimulation, like the original Sybian, but which sells for about 40 percent less from a retailer like Amazon.

Even beyond the Hitachi Magic Wand, this robotic vibrator unit offers a place to have a seat, multiple attachments and “risers” and most importantly, a “true ride on top” design, which is the powerful stimulation a woman can have outside of real intercourse—and probably beyond, because of the power of the machine.  Robot lovers…who can complain?  If these bots learn to cuddle afterwards, men, you may be in trouble!

Spicing up your love life with toys and games can be fun, but if you are ready to take things to the next level you should investigate using the best sex furniture.  Why settle for ordinary when you could have extraordinary?  That is exactly what the best furniture for sex can help do for you: new positions made possible by a little support, more intense vibrations, and ideal angles for deeper thrusting.  With this arsenal of toys, you’re well on your way to building the sex dungeon of your dreams.

Thanks for reading our article on the best sex furniture!