2 Best Sex Handcuffs For Roleplay Action

Handcuffs are a classic when it comes to bondage gear. They are perfect for role playing and can really spice up a night. Many different positions are great to use with handcuffs.  There are countless of different options for sex handcuffs, but only a few that are comfortable and won’t break. Make sure to stay away from plastic handcuffs as they are awkward to use and can break very easily. We have tested out many different handcuffs and have made a list of the best handcuffs for sex. Without further adieu, let’s get right into our list of the best sex handcuffs!

#2 Fetish Fantasy Handcuffs

The best sex handcuffs. A great bondage toy

Fetish fantasy handcuffs are great if you want a pair that look real. They work really well and come in two different colors. And they come with a key that locks and unlocks them. The feel real and clink together like regular handcuffs do. Overall these are definitely the best sex handcuffs for you if your priority is having  handcuffs that look like real ones! Click here to checkout these cuffs on Adam & Eve.

#1 50 Shades Of Grey Totally His Handcuffs (The Best Sex Handcuffs)

The best handcuffs for sex.

These handcuffs are by far the best for being both incredibly comfortable and will last forever. Not everyone wants the most comfortable toys when it comes to bondage, but for those who do this is definitely your best option. They are well padded on the inside and these cuffs work great for the ankles as well! Mix it up however you like and get kinky without sacrificing comfort with these cuffs. They make not look like real handcuffs but they still work great and get the job done! They have a strap that allows you to take them on and off, while also adjusting to any wrist size. Another benefit to these sex handcuffs over the ones above is that they won’t leave any embarrassing marks or scratches since they are cushioned on the inside. Click here to checkout these cuffs on Adam & Eve.

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