Best Sex Wedge For Deeper and Longer Sex

Sex wedges are one of the best sex toys you can buy. They will completely change your sex life for the better, trust me, and if you don’t believe me, buy one and find out. For those of you that don’t know, a sex wedge is triangle shaped cushion that looks like a small ramp. The wedges shape and form allow for many sex positions to not only be much more comfortable, but they also allow for deeper penetration, and a night full of great sex. Sex wedges also open up the door to countless new sex positions, so if you have any in mind, don’t be afraid to try them out with one of the best sex wedges. Not to mention, you will also be able to have sex for longer with less fatigue, making it more pleasurable for both you and your partner. However, when looking for the best sex wedge there are a few things to keep in mind, because you don’t always know exactly what you are going to get. Some sex wedges are hard and end up causing more discomfort than they are worth. The wedges we review today are very comfortable and by far the best on the market (trust me, we have tested a lot of them). Without further adieu, let’s jump right into our review of the best sex wedge!

#2 Liberator Wedge (The Best Sex Wedge)

The best sex wedge money can buy

The liberator wedge is the best sex wedge on the market. This wedge is made of dense foam which provides for a perfect soft yet hard combination, and allows you and your partner to get comfortable for a long night of fun. The wedge is soft enough to be extremely comfortable, yet still firm enough to keep you put while trying out countless sex positions. Even most of your average, typical positions will be enhanced with the liberator wedge since you will be able to raise up your partners body! The liberator wedge really helps to allow for deeper penetration, but my favorite part is all of the new positions that become possible with this bad boy. This wedge is specifically designed to hit the G-Spot (or Prostate for guys) and trust me it does! Not only does it hit the good spots, it helps men feel larger, and insert easier. On top of being excellent for partner sex, the liberator wedge is great for masturbation, opening up the perfect angles for all your toys. Click here to checkout the liberator on Adam & Eve.

#1 Liberator Ramp & Wedge Combo

The best sex wedge and sex ramp available

The liberator ramp is pretty similar the wedge, but is bigger and higher. With a combination of these 2, the amount of positions possible multiplies! Personally I use this combo 90% of the time I have sex. It works wonders, the extra height helps with even deeper penetration than the one above. If you are just looking for a wedge I would go with the option above, but if you want the complete package, I would highly recommend this combination! Click here to checkout this combo on Adam & Eve.

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