How to Find the Gspot For A Better Orgasm

The Gspot has become a sort of “holy grail” of sexuality in recent years, thanks not only to over-the-top porn-ed videos that claims any man can learn how to find the Gspot and make a woman “squirt”, to the clinical debate as to whether the Grafenberg spot actually exists, or is just all in a woman’s mind.  What we do know for sure is that the Gspot area does have a large amount of nerve endings, more so than the rest of the vaginal canal.  So it’s always worth experimenting—even if it’s true that not every woman will feel Gspot stimulation in the same way.

How to Find the Gspot — For Her

It helps tremendously for the woman to actually know where the Gspot is before the man cluelessly tries to find it, based only on what he’s heard.  When searching for the Gspot on your own body, remember that it’s a relatively small patch of rougher skin, about the dize of a dime, or slightly larger.  Because it is made up of different nerve tissue it is very sensitive to the touch.  A woman can finger her Gspot with two fingers, inserting them through the top of the vagina and pointing upwards.

Notice the different textures to identify the Gspot from the rest of the vaginal lining.  It’s usually bumpier.  If you don’t feel any difference in texture then you may not have found it yet and it may be slightly above or below where you’re searching.  The distance is approximately 2-3 inches inward but it’s not exactly a “standardized” measurement.  If you reach in deep and feel a completely different texture, similar in shape to the tip of a nose, that’s the cervix and it’s time to go farther back.

How to Find the Gspot—For Him

When men look for the Gspot they use their fingers and make a “Come hither” gesture when 2-3 inches inside of the woman’s vagina, angling upwards.  A penis inserted straight into a woman’s vagina would not be properly angled to reach the Gspot, which is why more exotic and angled positions are recommended for a Gspot penetration orgasm.

If you are a man and can’t seem to find the Gspot despite following visual aids and instructions, the problem may be that:

  • You haven’t quite found the right spot yet
  • You are just poking the spot, whereas some women require stronger pressure to feel anything
  • You haven’t stimulated her enough through foreplay to have an orgasm
  • Some women simply don’t have Gspot orgasms unless they also have clitoral stimulation…so you would do best to combine clitoral and vaginal sex

Not all women respond to the same fingering patterns of a man’s hand, so experimenting with different speeds and thrusting techniques could lead to better results.

Vibrators That Can Give a Woman a Gspot Orgasm

If you really want to put your body to the test, then learn how to find the Gspot with a vibrator MADE for that specific purpose.  Pocket rocket and phallic shape vibrators can only provide deep vaginal stimulation or clitoris stimulation.  However, a modern “rabbit” shaped vibrator, is designed to be angled.

While not all women “squirt”, Gspot orgasms are sometimes associated with female ejaculate because the fluid is from the female prostate and it is expelled from the urethra; thus it is not the same thing as pee.  It has a similar consistency as pee and may even feel like you are peeing when you experience a squirting orgasm.  But it’s not the same.  The female prostate surrounds the urethra with glands inside the urethral sponge area.  This location becomes filled with the fluid and builds when a woman is aroused.  Depending on the person, the volume of female ejaculate—if it happens at all—can be very small or large, which explains why practically all G-spot vibrators are waterproof.  However, it should also be said that most of the squirting porn found on the Internet is faked.  Yes, most porn is fake…sort of that bittersweet moment a guy has, just like when he finds out wrestling is fake!

The Butterfly Kiss Vibrator

this bad boy will help you learn how to find the Gspot in no timeThe majority of vibrators you find are loosely based on the rabbit shape and here is a good example of a trusted brand: Butterfly Kiss from California Exotics.  This vibrator has three speeds and has easy to use controls, as well as a waterproof exterior.  The toy has received good reviews and isn’t as expensive as some of the more popular brands.

Doc Johnson Lucid Dream Vibrator

The Doc Johnson Lucid Dream Multi Speed vibrator is especially known for its quiet operation, which is an underestimated advantage, since some women can be disturbed by a loud toy.  The toy’s body is soft, accurately shaped, angled precisely and in a larger size for more of a filling sensation, which many women will respond to.

Soraya by Lelo

Looking how to find the Gspot? Look no further with this toy!Soraya is one of the Lelo brand’s most sophisticated and effective Gspot vibrators, and stands above the competition because of its body-safe silicone and eight adjustable stimulation modes, which is more power and variety than the traditional rabbit model.  Like most other vibrators, this model does not presume that simply stimulating the Gspot is enough—that’s why there is a second “arm” that directly touches the clitoris, while the shaft arm reaches inside.

As you learn how to find the Gspot, remember that it’s definitely not a case of “one size fits all” or even one motion fits all.  Women not only have very different bodies, but also respond differently to various touches, patterns, speeds and touching combinations.  Some women may only respond to clitoral orgasm, but will have a stronger Gspot plus clitoral orgasm when both areas are stimulated.  Some will be able to come right away with just finger stimulation.  Others may simply need longer sessions of foreplay, more romance, more dialog and intimacy.  What matters is that you are your partner are determined to find the right combination, which will bring on the orgasm you’ve been waiting for.

Thanks for reading our article on how to find the Gspot! We hope it helped!