Liberator Wedge Review – Great Wedge For Better Sex

Liberator Wedge Review

liberator wedge review

Let’s face it- an aching back during intercourse is a huge mood killer and the same old boring positions are exactly that- BORING! If you want to switch things up or just want a more comfortable way to release your passion in the bedroom, the Liberator Wedge may be a huge game changer for you and your partner.

The Liberator Wedge is a quick and easy way to shake things up in the bedroom. The angled, dense wedge is specifically designed for better entrance in any and all positions, whether you’re making your favorite position ten times better or want to try out something new. The angle also makes it one hundred times easier for males to perform oral sex on their partner, which is a huge plus for women who are craving a little more action downstairs but their partner always seems to be uncomfortable.

Continuing on with our liberator wedge review, we have to say this: don’t be fooled by the appearance. The dense wedge may look uncomfortable, but trust us, it’s ANYTHING but. It’s made of a dense foam that is soft but supporting, making sure you can enjoy yourself from start to finish. And unlike pillows, you won’t have to worry about scrunching or movement; the dense foam stays in place underneath you, with no uncomfortable sinking or hassle of a pile up of pillows. With the inclusion of dual covers and a storage case, you’ll never have to worry about your Liberator Wedge getting dirty or old anytime soon. Wash the covers and store your Liberator Wedge after every use and enjoy this handy sex tool for many years to come.

Having any troubles finding the G-spot, or simply want deeper penetration? The unique shape of the Liberator Wedge ensures you can hit the deepest crevices of your woman’s body, ensuring you hit that special spot with each and every thrust- which of course means more intense and spectacular orgasms for your lady. And if you’re a bit of a ‘smaller’ sized man, there will be no more complaints coming from your partner- the Liberator Wedge makes your penis seem longer thanks to the angle, allowing for super deep penetration every time.

Want to use the Liberator Wedge on your own? No worries. The Liberator Wedge isn’t just designed for game changing sexual intercourse between you and your man. This angled wedge is also a must-have for solo masturbation, offering you the perfect angles for all your favorite toys and goodies you use on your own.

This is undoubtedly a must-have for the bedroom. Embark on a passionate journey with your partner as you discover new and intense ways to make love thanks to the uniquely designed angle of this wedge, or play by yourself and experience an orgasm like no other. It’s perfect for any couple wanting to intensify their sex life, or for the woman that’s tired of an aching back during intercourse. Everyone is giving their liberator wedge review five stars, and you will too after one try

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