6 Best Dildos For Amazing Stimulation

After a long hard day, it’s nice to come home, relax, and spend some one-on-one time with your best friend; and we aren’t talking about a human, here. We’re talking about another thing that’s long and hard- but in a good way, of course. Almost every woman (and some men out there) have a special little friend hiding underneath their pillow or inside their dresser drawer, standing anywhere between 4 and 10 inches, and pleasuring them like they never thought possible. We’re talking about none other than the beloved dildo. We have come up with a list to help you choose your best dildo.

The dildo is a masturbation must, and is also a great way to spice things up with your partner- whether you’re sharing one double sided dildo for double the fun, or simply using it on your partner to stimulate them and drive them crazy. If you’re ready to graduate from finger thrusting or simply need to replace your trust device, you probably want to purchase the best dildo; which one is best? We are going to reveal the 6 best dildos on the market to ensure you get the best pleasure possible on your very first use.

Utimi 7 Inches Realistic Silicone Dildo with Suction Base

a great dildo commonly regarded as the best dildoIf you’re looking for the ‘real deal’ as opposed to a cute little friend to keep around when you’re in the mood, the Utimi 7 Inches Realistic Silicone Dildo with Suction Base is highly, HIGHLY recommended. It looks and feels like a real penis, with veins popping out and grooves in all the right places. Just taking one look at this dildo, you’ll want to hop on top; and that’s another reason why this dildo is a crowd favorite.

There’s a handy suction cup placed on the bottom of this big, strong 7 incher, which means you can attach it to any flat, smooth surface you desire, allowing for tons of different positions. Forget needing a man to keep you company tonight; simply suction this best dildo onto any flat surface you can find and hop on top. Ride it like a cowgirl, go doggy style up against the wall, or try out some all new freaky positions that even your ex-boyfriend wouldn’t know how to do. The possibilities are endless with this guy, and you’re NOT to be disappointed.

Another great reason why the Utimi 7 Inches Realistic Silicone Dildo with Suction Base is touted as the best dildo? The unique shape of the penis and the realistic head allows for ultimate penetration that can hit the G-spot almost each and every time. That’s right- no more worrying about missing out on that special spot when you’re doing yourself like a jack-rabbit.

With the combination of the realistic veins and grooves, the suction cup, and the durable shape allowing for stimulating of the G-spot, we highly recommend this dildo being your next purchase- one you will enjoy for many, many years to cum (get it?). Click here to check out this dildo on Amazon!

Twisted Love Glass Dildo

glass simply the best double dildoThe Twisted Love Glass Dildo is a desirable two-in-one that has something fun for everyone; and the great thing about glass is it is incredibly easy to keep clean, no matter what you do with it.

Wanting to find the perfect dildo to share with someone else? This is definitely the dildo you have been looking for. Uniquely shaped, this 9 inch monster is covered top to bottom with blue spirals for additional stimulation unlike anything you have ever felt before. Versatile, one side of this best dildo is gently curved to hit the G-spot or prostate every time, while the other end holds a smaller, wider shape that’s perfect used for backdoor fun.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to the Twisted Love Glass Dildo. Another reason why you may opt for this glass dildo over others is because you’re able to heat it up or cool it down with ease; why would you want to do that, you ask? Imagine a heated up long dildo sliding in and out of your sensitive areas, the warmth bringing you a massaging sensation you’d never even dreamed of. On the other hand, imagine sticking an ice cold 5 inches deep inside you- talk about a spine-chilling adventure you’ll never want to stop!

With the main features of this best dildo being versatility and unique appearance, it’s no wonder why it’s a best-seller. Use it alone and switch it up from front to back in a flash, or use it with your partner for double the fun. Heat it up for a relaxing, pleasurable night or make it ice-cold to send your body into a chilly dream come true. Click here to check out this dildo on Adam and Eve!

Slim Beginner Dildo by Healthy Vibes

great dildo for beginners, definitely rates as one of the best dildos So you’re new to this whole ‘adult toy’ world and you don’t want to jump yourself right on to 9 inches of strong, powerful fun; no worries! You can ease into the toy world and still have plenty of fun and pleasure by choosing a smaller, leaner dildo, like the Slim Beginner Dildo by Healthy Vibes.

Standing at 5.5 inches and a width of only one inch, it’s easy and comfortable to slip this baby deep inside; and thanks to the veiny, wrinkled exterior texture of this playful dildo, you will get the same satisfaction and pleasure as you would get from a real man.

This is the perfect toy for first-time users who don’t want something too obnoxious or extra-large. It’s also a great dildo for use during foreplay when you and your partner are warming up for sex: imagine this slender beast penetrating you deep while your partner’s tongue is exploring the rest of your special area; sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

And hey- have you ever wondered about anal sex, but you’re terrified thinking it may be too painful? With the Slim Beginner Dildo by Healthy Vibes you can ease into anal until you’re ready for the real deal. Other anal dildos can be a little on the bulky side, which makes it tough for anal virgins to penetrate. Using a smaller sized dildo like this one will help you achieve your anal dreams in a way that’s easy, comfortable, and most importantly, pleasuring.

So for the men and women out there who are new to the adult toy world or simply want a smaller toy to help them ease into penetration (vaginal OR anal), this is a great starter toy you’ll want to have in your new collection. It’s the entrance into the adult toy world that you have been looking for, and you’re sure to enjoy it no matter how you use it. And we can’t forget to mention how adorable that pink color is- talk about a super girly, super adorable way to get your thrills on in the bedroom. Click here to check out this great dildo on Amazon!

Bigbanana 9.8inch PVC Realistic Dildo

this juicy banana rates as one of the best dildosOn the other hand, if you’re a ‘professional’ in the adult toy community and are tired of the same old, same old when it comes to dildos and you’re ready for something new, BIG, and exciting, we would love to introduce you to the Bigbanana 9.8inch PVC Realistic Dildo.

Yes, you read that right- this monster is a whopping 9.8 inches, with 7.5 of these inches easily inserted for some heavy duty fun. This toy is definitely not made for the beginners out there, designed to push you to your limits in terms of penetration. It’s long, it’s strong, AND it’s bulky, which means you’ll be stretching out your naughty places in ways you never thought possible.

Really- if you’re looking for something that’s going to stretch your body and stretch your pleasure to all new heights, you should definitely give this best dildo a try. You can suction cup this big, bad boy onto any flat surface for some amazing fun in all kinds of positions for the best maturbation you’ve had in years, or you can use it on your partner to really get them going.

One last AMAZING benefit to getting this particular dildo? It can easily be attached to almost any strap-on on the marker, which means you can penetrate your partner with something HUGE and send them screaming with passion and pleasure in no time.

All in all, don’t be scared of the BIGBANANA 9.8inch PVC Realistic Dildo. It’s going to make your dreams come true and fill you up in a way you’ve never been filled before. Choose black or white to suit your style and get ready for some incredible large and in charge fun. Click here to check out this dildo on Amazon!

Smoothie 18” Double Dong

18" of pleasurable fun makes this bad boy a top runner for the best dildo Alone, sitting in your room, bored and horny; what’s a gal to do? She COULD whip out her trusty dildo, but what if she is looking for something a bit more exciting; what if she is looking to pleasure both holes at once? For the curious gal out there who is dying to try two penises out at once or for the kinky lady who loves to stuff both sides, the Smoothie 18” Double Dong is the ONLY way to go.

This unique dildo is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It is perfectly and ideally shaped for the ladies out there who want some double penetration on their own time without the men. It’s perfectly curved so you can double stuff your naughty places on your own time without any extra help, giving you the utmost satisfaction when it comes to solo play. However if you want to try it out with your partner, that’s a-okay too. Your partner will love stuffing you up with your trusty dildo, making it a perfect foreplay experience that’s sure to drive you wild.

No matter how you use this best dildo- whether on your own for some incredible solo play or letting your partner do the work to keep you double stuffed- you’re sure to enjoy this amazing experience of double penetration. It’s flexible, easy to use, and is sure to take your solo play to all new sensational heights. Click here to check out this dildo on Adam and Eve!

Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Double Dong 18 Inches (The Best Dildo)

Nice and long, for sure one of the best dildos out thereThis particular dildo is more specifically designed to pleasure the couples out there, although you can still use it on your own time. It’s ideal for the lesbian, gay, or even straight couples who want to engage in some extreme and deep penetrating fun at the same time.

The Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Double Dong 18 Inches Dildo is perfect for the couple out there who want to explore their deepest desires at the same time. It’s designed to stay firm so there’s no mishaps during double play with you and your partner, whether you’re playing pussy to pussy, ass to ass, or even ass to pussy.

And while this dildo is extremely durable for double stimulation, it can also be used on its own for some incredible solo masturbation. The super long length of this double dildo ensures you can reach the deepest penetration possible, while the width keeps you satisfied from start to finish. This toy is also easily bendable so you can perform some double penetration on yourself when you’re in the mood to get extra freaky.

All in all, this toy is incredibly versatile whether you choose to use it alone or with your partner. Choose between three bright and vivid colors to get exactly what you are looking for in the bedroom. Try it out in all different positions and explore new possibilities with this long, strong, and oh-so-sexy best dildo. Your partner will certainly thank you when they see you pull out this incredible monster of a dildo! Click here to check out the Doc Johnson, our favorite dildo on Amazon!

Choosing a dildo can be hard, but all you need to do is figure out what your personal needs are. Do you need extra length? Something smaller to get you started with anal play? A double the fun dildo for you and your partner? Figure out your needs, check out these best dildos, and be on your way to some intense fun that will send shivers up and down your spine.

What is your favorite dildo and why? Did your favorite dildo make our top 6 list? Share with us your favorites and your experience below so we can check out those amazing dildos for ourselves. Thank you for reading our article, we hope you found the best dildo for you!